Buy in Bulk

Canning Storage
Handmade Canned Goods storage at my basement entrance

Have you often thought “I don’t have enough space to buy in bulk”? When I suggest the idea of buying in bulk, this is the most common response I get.

Do you have a storage spot in your home for your camping gear and sporting equipment?  How much space do you use to store seasonal decorations?  Are you guilty of storing empty boxes of electronic equipment & major purchase items? (I know I do all of these things.)  I use the space underneath my stairs & a small 4×6 ft storage room for all that miscellaneous “junk”.

So why do we always say – “I do not have space to buy groceries in bulk”. How come that annual camping trip gets more storage space than something we spend 3 times a day, 365 days a year thinking about?  It’s time to rethink the way we buy groceries. And just imagine how much time we can save avoiding last minute trips to the corner grocery store for that 1 missing ingredient!

I’m the queen of finding perfectly good furniture at the side of the road. I’ve been known to pop a 6.5 ft bookshelf in a Mini Cooper and drive home with my 4-ways on. (Always keep tape, bungee cords & an emergency blanket in your trunk) So I use this skill to furnish my storage areas throughout the house. Bookshelves, dressers, desks & more seem to find their way into our home on a regular basis.  But what I do not need, I do not keep. (This is key to a clutter free home!)  So go out, and gather yourself a bookshelf or two.

Find 30-40” of wall space.  Think clever.  Can I stack my current storage higher & have more room? Can my bookshelf go depth wise & use less wall space? What about that closet in the spare bedroom? Do the off-season clothes have to hang there, or can they be stored in a garment bag under the bed? What about the entrance to the basement? Is your bookshelf fairly skinny, is the hallway large?  Can it go at the top of the stairs?  Look for space, and you will find it.

Now you are ready to stock up on flyer specials.  $0.30 soup cans, $0.99 pasta sauce, $1.00 cereal boxes (yes, I’ve seen it happen). Almost everything has a time of year that items are deeply discounted.  So if you know your family eats spaghetti/pasta about twice a month & you also enjoy putting spaghetti sauce in other dishes on occasion – now you have space to buy the 20 – 30 jars you’ll need for the year, instead of 3 – 4 jars at a discount.  Perhaps you don’t eat store bought spaghetti sauce – Fine, use this example for other grocery store favourites.

Still not convinced?  Let me do a simple calculation.

For a year’s supply buying in bulk:

  • 30 jars of spaghetti sauce at 0.99 each is $29.70.

For a year’s supply not buying in bulk:

  • 4 jars discounted at 0.99 (about a month’s worth) is $3.96
  • 26 jars at regular price (or standard “sale” price of a few pennies off) is $2.50 – $3.50 each ($65.00 – $91.00)
  • In total that is: $68.96 – $94.96

That saves $40 – $65. Not much you say? That’s only your spaghetti!

By buying in bulk when items are deeply discounted, you can save 57% – 69% off your grocery bill.  Is finding that bit of wall space worth it now?

But remember:  Do not buy something, just because it is on sale; buy only what you need & what your family will eat and check your food supply often.