About me

ChantelleHi! My name is Chantelle & I love to create.

I am a Multimedia Designer by trade. This means I can design and build websites, videos, online games & tutorials, business stationary, and printed brochures. When I am not stuck here behind my computer screen, I am spending most of my hours in the kitchen and in my craft room – creating my art.  My passions are recycled crafts, frugal living, home decor & design, DIY projects, apple computers, & multimedia design.

In our home, my husband and I have very traditional roles. To an outsider looking in, I am a homemaker (and a handy one at that!) tending to the home & caring for our needs here. My husband handles the traditional “man” tasks of taking care of the cars, providing most the income, and taking out the trash! In my view, the art of homemaking consists of these things: Mastering the kitchen, Mastering the budget, Mastering your time, and making yourself happy as well.

If you had asked me even five years ago if I would have ever imagined myself in the role of housewife, I would have laughed. But as circumstances happened, and time went on; I met my husband and slowly discovered that my key to happiness was following my dreams and staying true to my art.